Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to find facial Harmony

If you ask someone why they would consider plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment, usually they will tell you they do not like their nose, or want them to have larger eyes, or want to change their chins. Some have asked the lips of Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johannsen's nose, full lips or think that perkier nose will make them more beautiful. But study after study has failed to identify the nose 'Perfect' or chin or lips, because it's not a specific form or size of each facial features that make a face attractive, that is how all features align with each other. This is the harmonic orders or profiloplasty. By increasing the harmony of facial features are connected to each other, we can enhance the features of the individual so that they look like them, but more aesthetically pleasing. symmetry Front harmonic see how the features of the face that works together as a whole. For example, the face is considered beautiful in general tend to be very symmetrical, ie. when a line is drawn from the forehead to the chin, both sides face a very evenly balanced. Photographer Julian Wolkenstein take pictures of people and show their faces in a mirror image of the left and right to show the importance of facial symmetry (Fig. 1). Most people have a face that is not perfectly symmetrical - see the difference in shape of the eyes, nose, mouth and jaw in a mirror image of the left and right side face of the person shown below. Minute differences may not be obvious when we see a person, but as an imbalance of the brain to register the difference in advance, which we then translate into an attraction factor. The Golden Ratio The Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept of the natural phenomena seen in plants for sea shells and is an important indicator in the exact proportions of the human body. It has been used by well-known artists and architects to determine the aesthetic and functional part of the fun, like in the famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci . The human face can also be divided using the Golden Ratio to determine the position of the most harmonious of the facial features. plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Marquardt developed a tool based on the Golden Ratio is to show how the facial features can be improved to achieve facial harmony. facial dimensions and angles Angular facial characteristics and how they relate to each other is often used as a reference for doctors to determine the ideal facial harmony. A leading UK plastic surgeon, Dr. Rajiv Grover, studying the photographs of more than 100 models and actors and determined that the appropriate angle between the chin and the outside of the cheek bones should be 81 degrees. other facial angle as the angle between the forehead and nose, and the tip of the nose and the upper lip, is also an indicator of the attractiveness of the face. using simple aesthetic doctor to determine the size of facial features can be improved to face greater harmony. aging facial features, such as heart-shaped face, prominent cheekbones and nose, which clearly also increase the attractiveness of a woman's face, as this is considered a feminine feature. Many studies have also shown that more children like features such as larger eyes, large, curved forehead, and nose shorter and chin are features that enhanced the appeal. The main features of the face with eyes, nose and mouth should form a triangle pointing downward. On the other hand, an aging face begins to lose fat from the eyes, eyebrows began to droop, the eye becomes smaller as the eyelids droop and under the eyes become more significant with wrinkles and dark circles. Aging progresses, the fat pads in the cheek bones begin to lose their definition, and the lines began to form around the nose and mouth. In advanced aging, triangular youth be completely reversed, because the slack jowls and formed a square jaw line. The real benefit of plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures will always try to bring out the best in your appearance, so you look like yourself, but maybe with fair skin after laser treatment, a more relaxed and refreshed than diminish wrinkles and under -Eye circle, or the more polished you of a more defined nose, lips or cheekbones rejuvenated withdrawn.

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