Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideal female body shape according to men

Is the ideal female body shape? It depends if you ask a man or woman. For women, the ideal would be the body of a child fashion model, height, body of Daphne with a simple chest, waist-to-hip small and thin, muscular thighs. According to the ideal female body perfect woman, she must be 70 inches tall, has a BMI of 16.5 (weight BMI), and has a hip size is only 46 percent larger than the size of the waist. A composite celebrity body parts that show the differences men and women the idea of ​​perfect female body Men, however, will generally prefer women who are curvier, hourglass. They prefer women with larger breasts, small waist and bigger hips and thighs. Waistline most interesting is the one that 60 to 70 percent of the size of the hips, according to the study, which included people from all over the world. In fact, see curvy women lead men's pleasure centers of the brain to light up, as the reaction is not much different from the effects of cocaine and heroin. No wonder that people spend over $ 3 billion per year in pictures, magazines, videos and websites that feature a woman with a small waist and curvy hips like those who became Playboy sepermainannya friend. What makes 'child-bearing hips' so very attractive to men? Most men do not realize how their evolution they prefer women who have the greatest ability to conceive, birth and raising children with the best chance of life. Besides the fact that the wider hips mean a woman is more likely to survive childbirth, small waist and lower body curved also means that a woman has the right fats for a healthy pregnancy. Fat that accumulates in the hips and thighs is the kind that stores DHA, an omega-3 fatty acids are most in the human brain. This graphic from Psychology Today show differences in body shape priorities of men and women. Although the numbers in the leftmost fashion model suitable example for women, figures Playmate of the curve in the middle is the appropriate mens'. modern diet that emphasizes many processed foods tend to be poor with Omega-3, causing the woman to crave more fatty foods, which causes the body shape that more closely resemble those on the right. The more DHA a woman has, the better he is able to have a baby smarter and healthier, able to face and endure over the challenges of life and pass their genes to future generations. In fact, the fat that accumulates in the lower body area rich in DHA is important for proper development of a baby's brain, specially kept by the agency through the years to support pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is proven by the fact that the hip and thigh fat is very difficult to move on despite fluctuations in other areas of the body fat, and only reduced during pregnancy and lactation. In countries where the mother's milk has higher levels of DHA, the children tend to excel on the tests that have academic achievement. Countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore are among those with the highest levels of omega-3 fat intake, and percentage of women with a slim hourglass figure is very high. Japanese women, in particular, has quadrupled the amount of DHA in their blood than American women. Their children tend to have a very low incidence of obesity, and higher scores on academic tests. There is also evidence that women with wider hips also tends to be a greater intelligence, as his brain benefits from a lot of DHA in the body. A curvier figure also has some relationship with EQ score increases, not only to make them better in the early stages of labor and children's early, but made them better to raise happier children adjusted well. Not surprising that evolution has designed men to prefer women with this type of body shape? In terms of biology, the shape of your body would consider to be the most ideal?

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