Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top Five Causes Dry Skin

Dry skin conditions often contribute irritated, sensitive skin, and can cause premature aging symptoms such as wrinkles and dull skin. If your skin often feels rough and dry, consider if these factors can be the cause: Taking, long hot bath or shower - Too much hot water can remove the natural oils that protect your skin. your bath water must be cold or warm, and try to switch to a soap cleanser that does not strip the skin 'oil protection. Too much air conditioning - is an important part of keeping your cool in the heat, moister, but it can be very harsh and drying to the skin. Trying spray mist to keep your skin moist regularly, and if you sleep in air-conditioned rooms, be sure to use a good moisturizer before bed. Choose the wrong drink - Many beverages such as coffee, alcohol and caffeinated soft drinks are diuretics, causing the body to expel vital fluids from the body. Reduce caffeine, and try smoothies health-enhancing, green tea or water blank - your skin will thank you! Inadequate physical activity - Some people think that sport can be harmful to the skin, because of the heat and sweat can irritate and cause irritation. Actually, sweating helps the skin to breathe better, bringing emollient oil to the surface, and pumping out toxins from the pores. As you practice proper hygiene, and wash your face to avoid bacteria build-up, regular exercise actually helps to keep the skin healthy and glowing from within. The natural aging process - As the skin ages, it loses moisture trapping them hyaluronic acid and collagen, and from time to time, this contributes to the reduction in surface appearance, and internal satiety. oil-producing glands also decrease with age, so you lose the protection of young skin emollients. Choosing skin care products and age-appropriate can help to prevent or reduce the damage caused by drought. Continue reading this blog for a tip keep the skin healthy and youthful for as long as possible.

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