Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Under Eyes Circles Problem

The black circle is the usual problem of beauty, but not all under-eye circles are the same. Color your dark circles can help you make a decision about what kind of treatments are most effective for your condition. 1. Purple Circles Under Eyes Usually caused by pigmentation or family features, the types of dark circles is most commonly found in medium to dark skin types. - Treatment: Try skin whitening creams containing retinol or antioxidants such as vitamin C. aesthetic doctor may recommend treatments such as Fraxel laser resurfacing to help reduce dark pigment. Always use sunscreen protection to prevent high-UV dark again in this area. 2. Blue Circles Under Eyes It's kind of dark circles is usually caused by lack of sleep or a stressful lifestyle. Allergies affecting the eyes and gives a stuffy nose can also add on a bluish circles. - Treatment: bluish dark circles can go quickly with proper rest and controlling your stress with exercise and meditation. If you have allergies, try to avoid situations that cause congestion and irritation to the eyes and nose, or try some allergy medications. Trying antioxidant cream with active ingredients such as CoffeeBerry extract to improve circulation in the eye area. gently massage the eye can also be effective to improve drainage under the eyes. 3. Brown Circles Under Eyes Red or dark brown black circles usually caused by aging or genetic factors, and the impact of the blood vessels showing through thinning skin under the eye area. White people tend to have skin that is more transparent, which makes blood vessels dilate emerge clearly. - Treatment: retinol cream can help to improve the condition of your skin by increasing collagen in that area. your aesthetic physician can also help by using skin fillers contain such areas, posing red blood vessels below. A type of pulsed dye laser can also benefit by constricting the blood vessels so that they are no longer visible. 4. Shaded Circles Under Eyes Shadowed areas under the eyes caused by aging or weight loss, and signs of losing fat pads under the eyes. In this type, there is a valley that can be seen or groove in the area under the eye between the eyes and fat cheeks. - Treatment: Try to treat this type of under-eye circles with cream is impossible, because there is no type of cream can make you fat again grow in that area. One quick solution is a skin filler, which can quickly replace the amount lost under the skin.

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